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Telemachоs Tsoumpris

I was born in Athens in 1973.

I inherited my love for art  from my grandfather who was painter and folk artist. I am a graduate of the Graphic Design Department faculty “Petra”. I studied iconography near the painter Peter Themis.
At the same time I worked in an animation production studio, while I worked as an illustrator  in advertising.

From 1994 until today I work professionally with iconography focusing on painting icons.

My works are in churches of Athens (St. Glykeria Galatsi, Petrakis Monastery, All Saints Ambelokipoi etc.) and in monasteries of Cyprus (Trooditissis Monastery, St. George Montenegro, Temple St. Polydorou Nicosia) in the monasteries of Mount Athos (Dionysiou Monastery, Monastery of Pantocrator) as in cloisters, cells and abroad (Archdiocese of Austria – Giochanesmpourk) and in private collections.

I also create my own compositions inspired by the ancient Greek and Byzantine painting tradition.